What's RebelCrowd.org?
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What's RebelCrowd.org?

We're a voice! Not a traditional charity or organization, with us you're in control. It's just common sense to help the ones in need; it's in our nature our DNA. We don't care about rich or poor, political preference or religion, human or animal. We're an organization that will facilitate your voice or the voice in need. If you believe in a project we believe in it. We'll help you realize it. #TakeControl

RebelCrowd is currently in a startup phase. Every day we're one step closer in launching RebelCrowd.org until that day we ask you to invest in us. Every gift, donation or investment is more than welcome! How? Just fill in the contact form and we'll contact you. Stay with us and follow us on Facebook/twitter



Crafting your project;

We don't care about race, political preference, religion, wealth or poverty, all we do is create the chance for you to give back. At RebelCrowd we facilitate your project. We provide you with a crowdfunding platform. With this you can #TakeControl and give back. Create your projects; like clean drinking water for those in need, provide education opportunities in 3rd world countries or even locally. Local project could be some new tablets for guided learning on your kids' school. The principle is simple. If you believe in a project and are willing to put energy and effort in it we'll guide you and provide you with the necessary tools make this crowdfunding project to a success. If you believe in it we do too. Every little step counts.

Give the world a voice;

In a world in distress, wars splitting up countries, natural disasters, poverty on every street corner, diseases like Ebola and HIV still spreading, illness in 3rd world countries still exists because large economic giants fail to provide safety or security, or skip health regulations, purely for maximum profit. RebelCrowd wants to create a stage for those in need of a voice. Not only for the experts like scientist or doctors but mainly for those really in need of a stage. We want them to tell their stories #TakeControl. We want to give the world a real voice. Local stories filmed on the street or in venues across the world.

Creativity spreads happiness;

The only thing on this planet every single person can associate himself with is art. It’s probably the only thing we’ll have in common. It doesn’t matter in which form it comes. Art is art, music, food, movies or fashion it doesn’t matter. Rebelcrowd will show you a different side, Street artists, musicians, documentaries, movies, fashion, art and even local food. We want to show the word their lives and happiness. Their stories their lives.